What it would look like if NZTA pushes ahead


This is NZTA’s own drawing of the extent of concrete that would wind around the Basin Reserve cricket ground.

Yes, this doesn’t include the ‘pavilion’ structure to ‘mitigate’ the damage to the Basin Reserve – because, really, there can be no mitigation.

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 11.44.47 AM

And now NZTA has posted its video showing the flyover right beside Vance Stadium at the cricket ground, and the roller coaster ride – up from the tunnel, down under War Memooiral Park, and then it will travel up again to meet Taranaki Street.

This screen grab if from NZTA’s own video – showing how close the flyover motorway would be to the historic Vance Grandstand and the Long  Room.

Vance Stand 3


A composite photo based on NZTA documents received through the Official Information Act – without the pretty trees, shrubs, trellis and other bits designed to fool the eye about this eyesore.

The pretty view with minimal impact – From NZTA

And another view from eyeofthefish

And then there is THE VIDEO on Youtube


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